White PaperAs guardian of profitability for your company, you have likely already taken significant measures to protect profits, such as implementing cost reductions and investing in areas like supply chain optimization and product portfolio streamlining. But, did you know the one lever that most CFOs have not yet pulled is the most powerful one when it comes to driving profits?

About the Author

Augustin Manchon is the founder and CEO of Manchon & Company. He was previously the leader of the Customer Strategy practice of Deloitte in the Americas, the founder and global leader of the Pricing and Profitability Management practice of Accenture and the managing partner of Simon Kucher and Partners in Canada. Rated by Slipstream (2010 survey) as one of the Top 20 Pricing Influencers in the world and one of the Top 10 in the Expertise, Persuasiveness and Thoroughness categories. 

The Profitability Safety Net No CFO Should Be Without