White PaperPricing is the most powerful profit lever that executives and managers can use to affect the profitability of their businesses. Cash provides the lifeblood of a company’s operations. Companies go to great lengths to make cash available to ensure their cash positions are sufficient to maintain continuous operations. Understanding the costs associated with maintaining sufficient cash flow is critical to making good business decisions, including pricing decisions.

About the Author

Doug Fuehne is the Sr. Director of Science Solutions at PROS. Previous to PROS, he consulted for the oil & gas, chemical, discrete manufacturing, financial services, and retail industry clients; focusing on science and process based solutions for supply chain and M&A. Mr. Fuehne worked directly for manufacturing, energy trading, and financial services companies, performing operations and running e-commerce groups. He earned his B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Illinois and MBA in Quantitative Operations from Vanderbilt University.

Proven Best Practices for Integrating Cash Flow Considerations into Pricing Decisions