White PaperOf the many ways in which enterprise pricing solutions generate value for businessto-business companies, few have greater bottom-line impact than that of PROS Price Guidance. Typical margin gains from implementing PROS Price Guidance range between 150 to 350 basis points, depending on specific company, industry, and market characteristics. While other benefits from implementation of enterprise pricing solutions, such as eliminating or improving under-performing customers, can have substantial margin impact, they seldom independently equal those provided by scientificallydetermined price guidance. However, the promise of margin uplift gains from pricing guidance is not guaranteed. That’s because realizing potential gains from price guidance is highly dependent on effective sales force adoption.

About the Authors

Jeffery Collins is a professional economist leading PROS’ Value Engineering group which works with client companies in manufacturing, distribution, and services to quantify the impact of improved pricing and pricing execution on their organizations. Additionally, Dr. Collins has led efforts to leverage the cumulative knowledge gained from more than 200 product installations to uncover potential structural or cultural barriers to benefits realization from installation of a PROS pricing solution.

John F. DeCarlis, a 20-year pricing veteran, is Senior Vice President of Strategic Consulting, Manufacturing, Distribution and Services where he leads the delivery of strategic value-added services to our customers and prospects that build advance pricing capabilities in support the installation of a PROS pricing solution. Value-added services include change management, pricing organization design, pricing strategy and execution, pricing process redesign and performance management.

Realizing the Benefits of Price Guidance Through Effective Sales Force Adoption